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Cocoa Puffs + Oatmeal

🥄OATMEAL is healthier than COCOA PUFFS, so it should be lower in calories right?
NOPE 👎🏻🙅🏻
🚫Healthy doesn't mean lower calorie.. and low calories doesn't mean healthy!
We can be eating 'low calorie', but pretty unhealthy foods.... or all healthy foods but these could all be very high in calories!
Whether you have low/high calorie and healthy/not healthy, it is our own preference at the end of the day..
With this page, I just hope to give you calorie options and healthy tips too, even if the healthier option IS HIGHER IN CALORIES!!
LEFT: Sprouted brown rice cacao crisps: 150 calories, 33g carbs, 1.7g fat, 3.3g protein & 13.3g sugar
RIGHT: Oatmeal: 200 calories, 37g carbs, 3g fat, 6g protein & 12g sugar
Stats for 50g and numbers on the picture include 15g @pipandnut choc coco hazelnut butter and the banana slices.

I don't think anyone should tell anyone what to eat and how to live their life! BUT I believe nutrition education and advice is invaluable and healthy ideas, tips and recipes can be incredibly helpful and can go all long way to improve many people's lives through creating sustainable healthy eating habits🙏🏼🤗