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How to delete your Tinder account

May 25, 2018
delete Tinder account
Whether you have found true love or have decided to quit the dating scene, the time eventually comes when you want to delete your Twitter account. Doing so isn’t difficult, as long as you follow a few simple steps.

Delete Tinder account

To close your Tinder account, you must do so using the Tinder app for iOS or Android. You can’t close your account from the website itself.
Note: Removing the Tinder app from your device does not delete your account.
1) Once you’re logged into your Tinder account via the app, tap the profile icon at the top of the main screen.
2) Go to Settings by clicking on the wheel icon.
3) Scroll all the way down and select Delete Account.
delete Tinder account
4) On the next screen, you’ll be asked whether you rather pause your account. Selecting Pause My Account allows you to hide your profile from Tinder without deleting the account.
5) Click Delete My Account.
6) On the next page, Tinder will ask why you’re deleting your account, offering a few canned answers such as “I need a break from Tinder,” “I met someone,” or “I want a fresh start.” Choose your reason.
7) For a final time, Tinder will give you a choice to pause your account or delete your account. Once you select Delete My Account, yes, your account will finally be removed from the dating service.
delete Tinder account
8) If you ever want to use the service again, you’ll need to sign up again by creating a new account.
Like other services, Tinder makes you jump through a few hoops to delete your dating profile. Nonetheless, as you can see, it’s more or less a pain-free experience.
You can find more information about deleting your account on the Tinder website.
Are you looking to delete your unused apps on your iOS device? It’s simple to do too. You can also remove multiple photos from your iPhone or iPad with ease too.

YouTube may ditch reverse chronological order & use algorithms to organize Subscription feeds

May 25, 2018
youtube non-chronological orderGoogle’s YouTube is currently running a trial with a small subset of its user base of a potentially controversial new feature that would replace the current reverse chronological order in Subscription feeds with non-chronological video ordering.
French blog reported Thursday (Google Translate) that some people have noticed that the videos in their Subscription feed are no longer in chronological order.

Your videos, out of order

Currently, YouTube’s Subscription feed presents new videos from the channels you’ve subscribed to from the most recent to the oldest, as evidenced by the screenshot top of post.
Google has confirmed it’s experimenting with non-chronological order:
We are currently experimenting with how to show content in the subs feed. We find that some viewers are able to more easily find the videos they want to watch when we order the subs feed in a personalized order vs always showing most recent video first.
YouTube also takes advantage of algorithms to recommended videos on its homepage, in the sidebar of other videos and in your Home feed. If feedback from the community is anything to go by, this change may anger a lot of YouTube creators and users.

Ah, so this is why my last two videos have tanked @TeamYouTube. You are “experimenting” with my livelihood. My last video reached only 10% of my subscriber base. A drop to 150k views, 350k below my average view count.
I know I certainly don’t want to see people’s YouTube videos out of order.

Our way or the highway

It’s a worrying trend: technology giants like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are imposing ordering that takes advantage of algorithms to personalize content in your feeds.
I like algorithms, I like them even better when they deliver personalized recommendations tailored to my tastes. But more often than not, I also prefer to browse items in the order in which they were published, to quickly get a sense of what was published most recently.
The problem I have with companies like Instagram and Twitter is their “our way or the highway” philosophy. Instead of shoving algorithms down our collective throats all the time, why don’t you give us some choice, please? In the case of Instagram, for instance, wouldn’t it be great if you could toggle between chronologically and algorithmically ordered feeds?


Apple knew iPhone 6 would bend, misled customers about “touch disease”

May 25, 2018
iPhone 6 bendgate documentsApple was perfectly aware that #Bendgate was the real deal and it knew that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would bend before the devices were even launched, according to internal documents released as part of the so-called “touch disease” lawsuit.
Documents remain under seal, but judge Lucy Koh has decided to make some of the information public. Motherboard obtained the documents and shared previously unknown details pertaining to the case, the iPhone 6 touch disease and #Bendgate.

Apple knew about bending…

It boils down to this:
  • Apple knew iPhone 6 was 3.3 times more likely to bend than iPhone 5s
  • Apple knew iPhone 6 Plus was 7.2 times more likely to bend than iPhone 5s
  • It knew this months before the devices were released
  • The firm publicly said only 9 customers contacted it about the issue
  • It said bending was “extremely rare”
  • Apple maintains the devices were tested for strength and durability
They went to the drawing board to make necessary engineering changes and reinforce the housing of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with Series 7000 space-grade aluminum.
This was allegedly happening nearly 1.5 years into the iPhone 6 cycle, proving Apple did not take these issues lightly even though it has never publicly admitted production defects.

…but kept mum anyway

Apple probably never publicly admitted to any engineering issues with the phones in an effort to dodge damaging class-action lawsuits and avoid a potentially costly product recall. Instead, it kept on insisting that “touch disease” happens only after iPhones are “dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device.”
This is the same argument they’ve made in defending against the “touch disease” lawsuit.
In August 2016, iFixit discovered that some iPhone 6 owners were seeing a flickering bar at the top of the screen as their touchscreen display became unresponsive. Apple didn’t respond to the issue, allegedly instructing those who contacted it over the issue to buy a new phone.

Bending leads to “touch disease“

iFixit attributed the issue to a hardware design defect, but we now know from Apple’s internal documents that bending caused the touchscreen controller chip to become unseated from the logic board. Judge Koh has determined that Apple did not launch a repair program until months later after it implemented engineering changes in May 2016.
Apple reportedly determined underfill would resolve “touch disease”.
Underfill is a bead of epoxy encapsulant that is placed on a circuit chip to reinforce its attachment to the board substrate and to stiffen the surrounding assembly. As per documents, underfill is used to “prevent the manifestation of chip defects induced by bending because it reinforces the connections and prevents them from bending away from the substrate.”

Damage to Apple’s reputation

In November 2016, the Cupertino technology giant finally launched a repair program that would replace out-of-warranty iPhones affected by “touch disease” with a brand new phone for a one-time service fee of $149.
Apple under Cook has become more of a huge corporation than it was under Jobs’s tenure. And in this instance, Apple proves there is hardly any honesty left in the corporate world.
Do you find it absurd and insulting that affected iPhone 6 owners who contacted Apple about the “touch disease” ended up being charged $149 to fix an admitted production defect?
Let us know in the comments!

Twitter is testing a new Data Saver toggle

May 25, 2018
Twitter is conducting a test of a brand new Data Saver toggle in its mobile app for iOS.
This feature was designed to help users on the go keep their cellular data usage under control. If you’re on a metered plan, this feature may help prevent unwanted charges stemming from going over your monthly data cap.

Saves your from bill shock

When Data Saver is on, Twitter won’t play videos automatically as you scroll your feed. Additionally, the app will resort to using lower-quality images to save bandwidth.
“This automatically reduces your data usage for all Twitter accounts on this device,” according to the feature’s description. The message notes that Data Saver is customizable throughout the setting interface.
First tweets regarding the feature date back to March so Twitter has likely been testing Data Saver for months now. Watch this space as we make sure to keep you in the loop and let you know as soon as Data Saver rolls out to everyone.
If you’re in this test, swipe right to reveal the side menu, then choose the Data Saver option.
Will you be using this feature, do you think?
Chime in with your thoughts in the comments down below.

CodyCross Planet Earth Group 3 Puzzle 5 Answers

May 24, 2018
you Can’t Make An Omelette Without __ The Eggs
two Openings At The Bottom Of Your Nose
small Silver Coin Largely Used In Ancient Rome
someone Who Sells Goods Or Services
system Where The King Or Queen Rules The Country
a Trifoliate Plant That’s Symbol Of Ireland
geologic Period Within The Mesozoic Era
david Bowie’s Androgynous Alter Ego Ziggy __
metabolic Disorder Associated With High Blood Sugar
strong Feeling Of Missing Home
contains Planets, Nebulae, Stars, Etc.
famous Yankee Nicknamed The Bambino
babe Ruth
the Way You Think Or Feel About Something

CodyCross Planet Earth Group 3 Puzzle 4 Answers

May 24, 2018
second Biggest Country In South America
often Criticized Financial Institution
world Bank
study Of Matter; Teams Must Have This
a Muscle Involved In The Breathing Process
rigid Military Position; Eyes Front, Arms At Side
mud Avalanche Caused By Rain, Erosion
steven __, Us Film Director
animal Blamed For Everything
scape Goat
king, Queen, Or Knave Of Any Suit
court Card
type Of Surgery Performed On Lung Cancer Patients
exhibition Games Played Before Official Contest
someone Riding On A Ship, Plane Or Car
a Person Who Moves Permanently To Another Country
animated Film About A Puppet Whose Nose Grows
small Bitter Berry With Healing Properties

CodyCross Planet Earth Group 3 Puzzle 3 Answers

May 24, 2018
five-__ Discount, Aka Stealing
deadpool Villain, Mma Strikeforce Fighter, Gina __
little Red __ Hood, A French Fairy Tale
metallic Element Used For Magnetic Alloys
soldier Trained In Armed Combat To Serve A King
every Time, Every Occasion, No Exceptions
high School Football Favorite Tune, Hang On __
intelligent Primate Found In Africa And Arabia
last Name Of Two Us States
british Rock Band Established In 1964
the Who
large Physical Body In Space; We Live On One
to Demand Something Firmly
name Of Britain’s Withdrawal From The Eu In 2016
john __, Monty Python Co-founder

CodyCross Planet Earth Group 3 Puzzle 2 Answers

May 24, 2018
breaking Bad Star, Bryan __
item Used To Decorate Something
upper Body Bone
infrared Shooting Game
laser Tag
feeds Himself In A Library
a Power Metal Band From Sweden
liticaphobia Is The Fear Of __
cranial Pain Usually Relieved With Tylenol, Advil
mammal Native To Africa And Asia
moby Dick Author, Herman __
plane That Delivered Atomic Bomb
enola Gay
leave It Behind After A Meal
no Intersection
designed To Protect From The Sunlight

CodyCross Planet Earth Group 3 Puzzle 1 Answers

May 24, 2018
a School Of Design Established By Walter Gropius
male Perfume And A German City
samuel __, Real Name Of Author Mark Twain
joint __: Shared By Two Or More People
to Finish Something Successfully, To Accomplish
a Type Of Ballroom Dance Developed In The 1910s
depression From A Collapsing Volcanic Center
a Close-cropped Haircut
someone You Can’t Trust
cold Weather Bird Living In Southern Hemisphere
teacher That Counsels Students In School